Automatic Snapshots for Google (gcloud) Compute Engine

Bash script for Automatic Snapshots and Cleanup on Google Compute Engine. Requires no user input!

Inspiration (and the installation instructions) taken from AWS script aws-ec2-ebs-automatic-snapshot-bash

How it works will:

  • Determine the Instance ID of the Google Compute Engine server on which the script runs
  • Get all the Disk IDs attached to that instance
  • Take a snapshot of each Disk
  • The script will then delete all associated snapshots taken by the script for the Instance that are older than 7 days (optional: default snapshot retention can be changed by using -d flag)


  • cURL must be installed
  • The VM must have the sufficient gcloud permissions, including "compute" set to "enabled":

  • The version of gcloud is up to date: gcloud components update


ssh on to the server you wish to have backed up

Install Script: Download the latest version of the snapshot script and make it executable:

cd ~
chmod +x
sudo mkdir -p /opt/google-compute-snapshot
sudo mv /opt/google-compute-snapshot/

To manually test the script:

sudo /opt/google-compute-snapshot/

Setup CRON: You should then setup a cron job in order to schedule a daily backup. Example cron for Debian based Linux:

0 5 * * * root /opt/google-compute-snapshot/ >> /var/log/cron/snapshot.log 2>&1

Please note: the above command sends the output to a log file: /var/log/cron/snapshot.log - instructions for creating & managing the log file are below.

Manage CRON Output: You should then create a directory for all cron outputs and add it to logrotate:

  • Create new directory:
sudo mkdir /var/log/cron 
  • Create empty file for snapshot log:
sudo touch /var/log/cron/snapshot.log
  • Change permissions on file:
sudo chgrp adm /var/log/cron/snapshot.log
sudo chmod 664 /var/log/cron/snapshot.log
  • Create new entry in logrotate so cron files don't get too big :
sudo nano /etc/logrotate.d/cron
  • Add the following text to the above file:
/var/log/cron/*.log {
    rotate 14
    create 664 root adm

Snapshot Retention

By default snapshots will be kept for 7 days, however they can be kept for longer / shorter, by using the the -d flag:

Usage: ./ [-d <days>]


   -d  Number of days to keep snapshots. Snapshots older than this number deleted.
       Default if not set: 7 [OPTIONAL]

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